Lagoa do Ouro – Novela
2008, Documentary video in the format of a Tele-Novela, 14 episodes, 94’, color, sound.

Lagoa do Ouro is a small remote town in the northeast of Brazil in the state of Pernambuco. I have spent 9 months as the only foreigner in Lagoa do Ouro and developed the artistic and pedagogic project O Mundo, Cultura e Natureza em Lagoa do Ouro.
The Tele-Novela is the most popular television entertainment format of Brazil, which is daily consumed by most of the households over the country. The perception of Lagoa do Ouro as an isolated, in itself closed up little world, on which drama and history I made part of as a stranger, inspired me for Lagoa do Ouro – Novela. The Intention to record images of that reality made me collect the stories of the lives of my most proximate environment. In contrast of the normal Tele-Novela, which spreads out the dreams of wealth from the metropolis all over the country, I want to show with Lagoa do Ouro – Novela in opposite direction, the real drama of an isolated place. Lagoa do Ouro – Novela describes a specific reality, common in small places of that region in the Northeast.

This work was originally conceived as a 3-channel Installation, exposed on 3 monitors on an artificial furniture with different original objects and stencil images on the wall.