Facsimile Cahier D’Art
2017, Facsimile publication. With inserts: Photographs of Marco's carriage in Recife, translation of "L’habitude des Tropiques" from Paul Éluard by Tassiana & Mirta Nuñez Costa.
25,5 x 32 cm (closed), screen print on cover, riso print inside, print run 90.

The magazine Cahiers D'Art 1-2, 1936, is dedicated to the surrealists. In that they manifest their revolutionary view on the object. The cover was designed by Marcel Duchamp, a collage and screen print named Coeur Volants or Flattering Hearts.

Into the facsimile I inserted new images of Marco's carriage, a recycling collector which circulates in the center from Recife. He attracts attention with his decorated carriage of found objects. The sight of it remembered me of the surrealists and of their relation to the object.
Furthermore there has been added a translation of the poetic text L’habitude des Tropiques by Paul Éluard from French to Portuguese. My intention was it to connect the magazine to the tropic life in Recife and Brazil.