Lá & Cá
There & Here

2018/19, Video.
Two-channel or one-channel double projection version (room installation), 17’44’’, color, sound.
With the participants: Adams Raphael Gonçalves Alves, Camilla Ferreira, Claudio Kovačić, Douglas de Lima Lemos, Itamara Hasler, Laura Firmino, Silvia Karina Cáceres Wolany, Valerie Cronier.
Assistance on set and editing: Clara Khan. Sound and mixing: Nicolau Domingues, Caio Domingues. Partial supported by: ZHdK, ZHdK-Avina Projektfonds.

Real life experiences are being exposed to each other from different perspectives. The conversations took place in Switzerland and Brazil, with people which live or want to live in emigration and which deliberate over questions on „Lá & Cá“ (There & Here).
In collecting only subjective statements on „there and here“, without mentioning names of places, filmed in front of a black background, basic documental orientations are being neglected to the spectator. One is being provoked to participate on an imaginary level to the conversation, confronted with his/her own prejudices and real life experiences.

The video work is originally conceived as a two-channel double projection and room installation and has been adapted to a one-channel version.