One Man Fantasia Book
2016, Book / Catalogue.
Graphic design, production, photography and text by Silvan Kälin. Includes conversation between Josevaldo Barros and Silvan Kälin. The book is bilingual, Portuguese and English.
20x30cm (closed), offset print in 6 colors, screen print in 6 colors (on hard cover version), 72p., print run 1000, Editora Aplicação.

The book illustrates and documents the work which I realized together with the artisan Josevaldo Barros in 2010.

On one hand documentation, catalogue and artist book, its design is conceived as well as entertaining children’s book. Its therefore meant to reach out for a broader public.
It includes an introduction to the project ONE MAN, a conversation between artist and artisan and in a second part photographies of the figures. These are put into scene in free and associative combinations with each other to produce new relations and open narrative interpretations.

One Man Fantasia